Zoë J Ayres might be your new mental health advocate if you are doing a PhD

Just a quick one, alerting you to a potentially valuable PhD resource on the topic of mental health. Reading time under a minute.

I just came across this so haven’t had a chance to review fully, but at first glance there is a lot of value in here.

If you are doing a PhD or thinking of doing a PhD, then Zoë J Ayres might just be the mental health advocate you need.

She tweets here. Her website is here. She makes great posters.

And she has Managing Your Mental Health During Your PhD: A Survival Guide which contains a lot of great content and I’ve only had the chance to skim read it.

Zoe isn’t a mental health clinician but a research scientist whose personal experiences started her on a journey of speaking out on the wellbeing of academics, scientists and PhD students.

She blends the discussion of mental health well with the challenges of studying and working in the research world. I plan on looking and promoting more of her work as I slowly digest it.

You may well find some value here, including those of you that support or supervise PhD students.

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