Cool wellbeing stuff to hit my desk – issue 1

I come across way more cool wellbeing-related content than I can possibly cover here on the blog, so I might try publishing the occasional ‘linkfest’ of stuff I’ve come across. See if there is anything here of interest to you. Reading time ~ 1 minute.

A colleague shared an article from UniSA on a study exploring the benefits of 1/2 a cup of walnuts per day for reducing stress –

I like this article on procrastination because it highlights that procrastination is influenced by a number of cognitive biases that affect us all. This moves us away from discussing procrastination as a disorder and treating it more like a quirk of human nature that most of us need to develop strategies to manage –

Tom Cochrane, a senior lecturer in philosophy here at Flinders wrote an article exploring the state of ‘flow’ and how to achieve it –

I’ve only just started to explore the incredible body of longevity and health content produced by Peter Attia MD and his team. His book is coming out soon – and might be a good entry point for you.

Happiness researcher Christopher Boyce lists some of the things he’s learned about happiness, not so much from his research, but his life experiences –

I loved this image posted by Dr Maria Alejandra Pinero de Plaza, PhD on twitter. It helps me think about what I know about wellbeing and how the goal is to move from interesting facts to helpful insights I can share with others

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