Cool wellbeing stuff to hit my desk – Issue 2

I come across way more cool wellbeing-related content than I can possibly cover here on the blog, so I’m doing the occasional ‘linkfest’ of stuff I’ve come across. This week there its how to have a happy life, how to turn a bad day around, the role of test anxiety in exam performance, alternative meditation techniques and the health of migrants.

What do you reckon is the #1 most important thing for a happy life?

Spoiler: it might have something to do with relationships.

Having a bad day? Here are some things that can turn that around.

It is like a little sequence that you can follow when needed.

What is the relationship between test anxiety and exam performance?

It might be the case that test anxiety leads to poorer preparation.

If sitting meditation isn’t your thing, there are other ways to meditate.

Walking, time in nature and drawing are just a few examples to get you started.

On average, migrants who come to Australia have lower rates of long-term health conditions.

Is it something about the Australian lifestyle?



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