Just bumping this scholarship opportunity for students with a disability…

A little while back I posted about this scholarship to support students with disability who are undertaking a degree at Flinders and want to work in a community focused career. I got notified that the submission date has been extended because of an error in communication.

I first posted about this opportunity on the 28th. At that stage the closing date was the 8th March.

The submission date for applications has been extended to the 21st March due to an error in publication.


This Scholarship has been established to support students with a disability who are undertaking a degree at Flinders University and seeking to work in a community-focussed career. The Scholarship is funded through donations from Community Bridging Services (CBS) Inc. One scholarship will be available per year for the duration of the funding.


Each Scholarship will have a value of $3500 paid in two equal instalments after the census date of each semester.


Applicants for the Scholarship must:

  • be enrolled in a degree program at Flinders University; and
  • be registered and have an Access Plan with Disability Services.

Information about Access Plans is availability on the Disability services website.

Selection Criteria

The Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of:

  • the extent to which the applicant’s studies support their career aspirations; and
  • the extent to which the applicant can demonstrate their interest and commitment to a career focused on community engagement and support; and
  • the impact the scholarship will have on supporting the applicant in their studies.

Scholarship selection will be made in collaboration with Health and Counselling in accordance with approved University procedures.


The Scholarship tenure is one year.


Leave is permitted for a maximum of one semester after completion of the first semester of the scholarship.



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