A bonanza of wellbeing links – Issue 4

I come across way more cool wellbeing-related content than I can possibly cover here on the blog, so I’m doing the occasional ‘linkfest’ of stuff I’ve come across. In today’s collection are articles on productivity, doing nothing, burnout, procrastination, gambling, happiness and circadian rhythms.

Ease productivity overload with “niksen,” the Dutch art of doing nothing

Just to be clear, you are telling me to do nothing. I can follow this advice.


The Australian research that’s rewriting the book on burnout – and the five red flags to watch for

I hear the term ‘burnout’ being used a lot more often these days and work continues to understand what burnout is, how to measure it and how to treat it.


A free online program addressing perfectionism

If you do the program, make sure you get it just right.


Why people procrastinate

A comprehensive summary from a procrastination site that I really like.


Gambler’s help

If you are struggling with gambling.

9 Simple Microhabits to Rewire Your Brain and Automatically Improve Your Writing Skills

This is one for the writers out there, or those thinking about writing.


First Nations of Australia Map

A beautiful map of lands and languages.


World Happiness Report 2023

I have to admit, I haven’t read it year. Owning up to that makes me happy.


Try living according to your circadian rhythms. 

This seems to be a popular topic at the moment.

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