Studiosity writing service now accepts assignments up to 8000 words!

Studiosity, not to be confused with Studyology, is a great service for helping you develop your writing skills. They’ve just announced an upgrade to their service that allows for the submission of much bigger assignments. Details in post.

Studiosity is a service, managed through Student Learning Support Services, that allows you to get feedback on your writing and speak to learning advisors for help with a range of academic skills.

You can learn more about the service at this post.

I just got notification that as of the 22nd March the word limit for submission to Studiosity’s Writing Feedback service increased to 8,000 words (previously it was 1,500).

That is a fantastic upgrade and now makes it possible to submit significantly chunkier pieces of work (post-grads I am thinking thesis chapters!) for feedback.

Now you might ask what this has to do with student wellbeing and that would be a fair question.

Improvements in one’s academic abilities are a good predictor of overall wellbeing. Get better at studying, feel more confident and capable.

And using services like Studiosity to develop your writing skills is a great way to make those improvements. It is especially useful if you don’t have someone in your life that can proof-read your written work.

Ok – stop reading this and go send Studiosity a first draft assignment.

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