Videos in teaching

A common element to teaching online involves the use of videos.  At face value this may seem like a reasonably straightforward process but providing a quality […]

Kaltura – what is it good for?

In your travels you may have encountered mentions of Kaltura, Desktop Recorder and My Media. What are these tools, what are they good for and are they all the same thing, […]

Collaborate for Teaching Online

With the mass adoption of online learning, a variety of digital web conferencing tools have surfaced to replace teacher-led sessions such as tutorials and workshops. While […]

Thinking about online assessment

The basic principles of developing assessment apply whether you are designing it for online or face to face classes. It is essential to ensure your assessments […]

FLO workshops

Thinking about enhancing your FLO site this year? Perhaps you would like to explore a new tool you haven’t used before to engage your students in […]

Readings in FLO

A good reading list will assist both you and your students! If you have a required or recommended textbook, want to link to Library resources, or […]