Mental Health Week 8th to 14th October

Mental Health Week


Greetings students of Flinders + others

Next week is Mental Health Week. This means that you are only allowed to feel happy during this week.

This means there is stuff happening around South Australia focused on promoting how to lead a mentally healthy life.

You can find out more at the Mental Health Coalition of South Australia’s website –

I’ve had a look through the events. Here are some of my top picks.

1st to 21st October – Grab some pants and head into the Adelaide City Library to see some incredible artwork by budding artists. “As part of MHCSA’s ongoing relationship with Adelaide City Library will host artwork from NEAMI arts and Living Arts throughout October” – You can also visit the mindshare website where you will find “artwork, short stories, poetry, photography, original music recordings, mini documentaries, digital stories and blogs submitted by people with lived experience of a mental health problem or illness, as well as their carers, sector workers and friends”.

8th October – As part of the Open State Festival go see a panel of people with lived experience talk about the life lessons that come with mental illness – – make your way to the Square of Victoria for this one.

9th October – Feeling like something a little more evening focused? I hear ya. What about Professor Nicholas Procter talking about how mental health care should be much more ‘person-centred’. I’ve worked with Nicholas before. He’s a smart dude and has awesome hair. Classy venue as well – The Art Gallery –

10th October – Be there at the birth of a new community organisation! – Moving A Head is a not-for-profit association providing mental health services within SA. They currently have a 12-week program for men dealing with depression – – You’ll need to make your way to Mt Barker for this one.

11th and 12th October – Are you no longer a whippersnapper? Are you between 50 and 80? If so, nice work! Also – you might be interested in Green Gym – exercise with a nature focus – – All takes place in the Adelaide City Parklands.

12th October – Sick of visiting forests and just not getting full value – try ‘Forest Bathing’. [Note: this does not involve nuding up and having a bath]. This is all about getting present and mindful in a nice nature setting (i.e. Belair) –

13th October – The ‘Festival of Now’ brings together the mental health community to ‘showcase creativity used in the healing journey and break down the stigma of mental illness. Attractions at the festival include live music and performance, free food, peer sharing circles, arts and crafts, circus skills, animals, face painting and more!’ I could not have said it better myself. Make your way into the city for this event –

14th October – Now this is one close to my heart because I heart me some gardening. The ABC Gardener’s Market are throwing a “pop up food experience” focused on the topic of resilience. Did you know that “carob, barley and buckwheat have adapted to survive some of the world’s harshest climates”; – BAM! Mind Blown! – All happening in the ABC Collinswood Carpark –

Any day – Are you reclusive? Do you like your interactions with the world to be mediated entirely by the internet (like me)? In that case, head over to and see what is happening to mark ‘World Mental Health Day’. You can ‘make a promise’ or host an actual event like a morning tea where people drink coffee and pretend they don’t want to punch each other.

But don’t just take my recommendations on board. Step away from that large bag of chips and peruse the calendar yourself. There are quite a few rural events that I’ve not covered here that might be to your liking.

Finally, I would also like to selfishly promote an event that I am involved with. From the 5th to the 27th October at the Kerry Packer Gallery, Hawke Building, UniSA, we are holding an exhibition of designs by third year Communication and Design students, who attempted to translate complex mental health and psychological concepts into innovative and engaging products. The launch of the exhibition is next Wednesday, the 11th October. You can see a little more information here

Have you got anything planned for Mental Health Week? Let me know. I’d love to hear about it.

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