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SA Pathology

Every now and then I like to send parts of me off to a lab to get tested.

The results usually come back indicating that I am a foreign life-form that doesn’t appear to match any known living organism. I take this as evidence that I am a glitch in the matrix.

That strangeness aside, I am happy to announce that SA Pathology will have a Patient Centre, on the Bedford Park campus from the 29th January onwards.

It will be located within Flinders University Health & Disability Services, Level 3, Student Centre – that is, where all the GP, counsellors and disability advisors are located.

This means that when your doctor tells you to get a blood test done, or similar, there is a much closer collection point.

In terms of opening hours, they are open Monday to Thursday from 9.00am – 12.30noon and 1.00pm to 3.00pm. (the half hour is so the person can have some lunch :))

If home state pride is your kind of thing, you’ll be happy to learn that SA Pathology is SA’s only locally owned pathology provider – so when you support SA Pathology you are supporting South Australians.

Also useful is they accept all pathology forms, meaning if you’ve got a Clinpath form or Abbott Pathology form, SA Pathology can still do the testing for you.

For more information about SA Pathology please visit their website

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