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It has been a busy week.

I wanted to write you something thought provoking and interesting, but instead I am going to rely on the wonderful internet to keep you entertained for the weekend.


catalystTwo recent episodes of Catalyst have been very well-being focused, tackling two topics that I think are central to mental wellbeing – sleep and diet. I found the diet one particularly interesting, as the individual that is the subject of the episode has quite severe anxiety, but uses diet primarily as the form of treatment.




all in the mindOver at “All in the Mind”, there is a good podcast on “Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Healing Relationships“. A particularly good podcast if you actually want to learn what BPD is (there is a lot of misinformation about the disorder).




dariusI didn’t mind Darius Foroux’s article on procrastination. I particularly liked that he ignores the concept of willpower as an explanation and instead focuses on setting up good systems (e.g. deadlines, lifestyle, study periods) as a way to tackle it.



hippocampusLearn how to grow your hippocampus. “Why would I want to grow my hippocampus, and what the hell is my hippocampus?” I hear you ask. Two thumb-shaped structures deep in the human brain that play a very big role in memory.




food-and-moodYou’ve got eating all wrong. It should be slower, and full of brain foods.




weighted blanketCould you benefit from a weighted blanket?

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