Heading into the weekend or the upcoming semester break, you might be thinking you have all your relaxation options already sorted – good times with friends, a glass of the finest shiraz, communing with trees and the rodents birds within.

Thanks to Maureen – counsellor and yoga instructor extraordinaire – we’ve got this quick mindful yoga technique you can use to supplement your other relaxation options.

1.2..3… Yoga

Mindful Yoga is about using movement to be aware of the present moment. It can be practiced briefly, without the need of special equipment and clothes. Any one can practice some movement with the 1.2..3…Yoga method.

It goes like this:

1. Choose one yoga pose (not sure which one? – don’t worry, see suggestion below)
2. Practice two rounds of this pose dynamically with the breath (if its asymmetrical – that is, has both a left and right version – go for one round each side)
3. Hold the static version of the pose for UP TO three breaths

And you’re done! You have had a movement break, and a mindful pause, and have done some thing great for your body and mind.

Here is the instruction rejigged for the two footed balance:

1. Start by standing on two feet, with your weight balanced evenly between the feet.
2. As you inhale, raise your arms AND lift your heels a little way from the ground. Exhale return your arms and heels. Repeat.
3. On the third round as you lift your arms and heels, keep them lifted as you exhale. Take UP TO 3 breaths here. Return to standing on an exhale and notice how your body feels.

You might like to try this 1.2..3…Yoga method over the break. Let us know how it works for you.

Want some more yoga poses – try these. Stick figures make me laugh.

Stick Yoga

Mindful Yoga classes return April 24. Between 12noon-1pm At Oasis. All welcome.

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