The Survey of Australian Wellbeing (SAW) Study: Mapping Australians’ relationships, health and wellbeing over time

APS Survey


The Australian Psychological Society is joining with Swinburne University to invite Australians to complete the Online Survey of Australian Wellbeing

The purpose of the survey is to better understand “how the lack of meaningful social relationships, or loneliness, influences the health and wellbeing status of Australians”.

In order to map the relationships between health, wellbeing and social relationships, the survey actually involves 3 online surveys over a period of 18-24 weeks.

An an incentive, for each survey completed, you can go into the draw to win one of 10 eGift Cards valued at $50.

The survey is open to all Australian residents aged 18 years and over.

The survey team have provided a detailed description of the study and what it involves here. As with all these kinds of surveys, make sure you read that stuff before deciding whether you want to be involved.

I generally encourage people to take part in these kinds of research projects. Whilst the benefits of a survey to participants are not always particularly obvious, your involvement can:

  • shape future interventions and policy in the area of health and wellbeing
  • ensure that grant money that has been allocated to wellbeing research is used effectively
  • lead you to learn something about yourself
  • spark an interest in the field of psychology, which might encourage you to pursue study in that area

I should clarify that I am not connected to this study in anyway, so my suggestion for you to take part is not because of a vested interest. I will be taking part myself.


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