Last call for alternative exam arrangements!

Alternative Exam Arrangements


Tomorrow (Friday 28th) is the last day for students to organise Alternative Exam Arrangements for Semester 2 exams.

If you wish to organise an alternative exam arrangement for Semester 2 exams, you will need to get a Verification form to the Disability Service by tomorrow, which verifies your need for alternative exam arrangements (e.g computer, extra time, smaller room).

If you miss the cutoff date, your only options (assuming you have a verified condition) in the subsequent weeks will be to:

  1. Receive 10mins/hour extra time in the main venue.
  2. Defer your exam, and receive computer/smaller room/more extra time etc in the deferred exam period – this involves an online form that needs to be completed and submitted within 3 working days of your exam.

In both cases you will need to advise Disability Services of your intent to take one of these options.

Please find attached (click and it will download):


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