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Recently, some of our counselling team members met up with some peeps from Skylight, a mental health organisation in the community.

They were letting us know about the new LETSS (Lived Experience Telephone Support Service).

The new service is targeted towards anyone with mental health issues that would someone to talk to during the evening, 365 days a year.

Some information about the service, as well as a Q&A with the Skylight people is included below.

Lived Experience Telephone Support Service (LETSS)

Mental health support is only a phone call away

1800 013 755

The new Lived Experience Telephone Support Service (LETSS) phone line has launched and aims to assist people to access mental health support during the hours of 5pm – 11:30pm, 365 days a year.

This service offers:

  • Peer to peer support
  • General information on mental health topics
  • Support to navigate the mental health system
  • Support for friends/family/carers
  • Ability to chat online via their website –
  • Ability to request a follow-up/wellbeing check

You can also like them on Facebook

The program is funded by Adelaide Primary Health Network, an Australian Government initiative



What kind of experiences have the peer workers had that makes them a good support for callers?

We have had experience in knowing how difficult it can be to find support and services that we need
We have experienced stigma before
When we were going through our experiences, we didn’t have the option of a service like this and wished we did

What happens on a call?

We ask the caller what they would like to talk about tonight and let the caller talk about what is most important
We will check on what supports the caller currently has and if they would like more supports
Sometimes people want to have a chat, other times people have specific questions that they didn’t feel like they could ask anyone else – we’re here to support all kinds of calls

What happens if the caller isn’t feeling safe at that time?

While we’re not a crisis support line, at the same time, we can facilitate that process of connecting the caller to mental health triage or to another support service
We can advocate for the caller and support them to get the help they need

Why would a client contact LETSS and not Lifeline?

LETSS and Lifeline are very different services. We are here for when you are not feeling your best. You don’t need to be in crisis or have suicidal ideation to call us. Sometimes life gets tough and you just want to have a chat with someone who gets you. We encourage everyone to call us before they reach their crisis point. As soon as you recognise you are not travelling well, you can call us for a chat or drop us a message via web-chat.
Also, because we’re a local service – we’re based in Adelaide and know about Adelaide services, some of which we can personally vouch for.
And because we can provide follow up calls if you need. Sometimes knowing someone will check in on you can make a difference in someone’s day.
Also knowing that all of LETSS workers have gone through their own Lived Experience of mental health means that you will be talking to someone who understand you without you having to explain every details of what you are going though.

Why is this service helpful for students in particular?

Most of us have been to uni and we remember that there’s a lot going on at the time during the transition from school to uni so we can relate
We noticed that most people experience their first episode around this age too, so we’re really conscious of mental health at this time in peoples lives
We know that uni can be stressful and triggering, but we’ve also survived it and know that it can be okay

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