Play a role in improving the wellbeing of Adelaide youth

WAY initiative


The Wellbeing of Adelaide Youth (WAY) initiative is a collection of agencies, businesses and community members who are interested in improving the wellbeing of young people (aged 18-24) in the Adelaide region.

They are currently seeking members to form working groups that will focus on:

  • encouraging young people to participate in local activities and build friendships and connections
  • better educate young people about healthy life choices (yes, you might have to eat vegetables)
  • ensure that the mental health needs of young people are met

If you’d like to play an active role in shaping the health and wellbeing of young people in Adelaide, consider registering your interest.

This is the kind of opportunity that students who are interested in community level interventions to improve people’s quality of life might find valuable.

To learn more about the initiative, visit their webpage –

and/or visit their Facebook page –

If, having read about them you are a still a bit confused about what they do, and what your role might be, contact:

Esme on
P: (08) 8203 7526


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