Welcome to 2019



Just a quick post to kick everything off for 2019.

Some of you are back at uni, especially those doing non-semester topics, higher degree research, or just trying to get off to a good start.

Others of you are still kicking back in the holiday period.

Me, I’m working away making sure that all the cool things we want to launch during orientation week are prepared.

This includes:

2019 is going to be busy, but fun.

I’ll be blogging heaps here on the Student Health and Wellbeing Blog. I’ll be featuring content from other authors: Nurse Tim, Sascha, Careers, the Disability Advisors team.

We’ll send out over 20 newsletters over the course of the year, giving you the tools and strategies to stay on top of your studies and feeling good.

Over at OASIS, i’ll also be blogging, but with the help of Ali (wellbeing promotion officer) and the chaplains. We’ll be getting spiritual over there and moving beyond just health and wellbeing to focus on community, diversity, spirituality and understanding the bigger picture.

And i’ll launch the Mental Fitness Course in March, and keep adding content throughout the year.

And there is a good chance you’ll see me presenting on Mental Fitness or self-care somewhere around the uni. Come up and say hi.

So let’s kick this thing into gear!


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