Update on Mental Fitness

Update: the course is now available here:

Anyone who has been reading this blog, or getting the HCDS newsletters will know that I have been crapping on about ‘Mental Fitness‘ for a while now.

I keep saying “I’m building a Mental Fitness Course”, but never showing anything.

Well I promise that I am working on the course. The first 7 episodes have almost been written and I’ll start recording those episodes soon.

The course will consist of small audio episodes (about 10 minutes each) that address a particular aspect of, or application of mental fitness. Accompanying each episode will be some self-reflection exercises that encourage you to apply the ideas from the episode to your own life.

The first 7 episodes (which I am working on now) are about mental fitness as a concept and how it is built. Think of it as a framework for training your mind. These will (barring some kind of calamitous event) be ready for orientation week.

That will be followed by a second group of 10 episodes that apply that mental fitness concept across 10 goal areas (things you might be working towards).

From there, who knows?! It will really depend on whether students are finding them useful and whether they want additional content.

The episodes will be released on our Wellbeing for Academic Success FLO topic. If you’ve not already joined that topic, I recommend you do. That way you’ll be the first to know when the episodes have been released. I might even release a few sneak peaks before orientation week.

If you are impatient and would just like to learn about mental fitness already, then I recommend you download this Introduction To Mental Fitness handout that I prepared recently. It covers much of the territory that I will cover in the episodes, just in a slightly different format. If you like the flavour of that, then stay tuned for the course.

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