I’ve had a great time meeting new students



I did a couple of stints on the Health, Counselling and Disability Services stall at orientation over the past couple of days.

We were (mercifully) located in the hub, with our buddies from OASIS, and opposite the team at FUSA. I say mercifully, because the temperature hit the high 30’s on both days and I felt very sorry for those located outside.

It was great meeting some of the new students starting here in 2019 and letting them know about the range of wellbeing related programs and events we are running this year.

We handed out lots of pamphlets and even a few copies of our ‘Getting off to a good start‘ guide, which is admittedly a fairly lengthy read for someone who is just starting their university journey.

It was also great to see a few familiar faces returning for their second, third and fourth years. Some were working on other stalls. Some were taking advantage of the mountain load of free stuff available. I myself got some shampoo from the head and shoulders people. Not sure if they were indicating I had dandruff.

Much respect to the staff and students who were roaming around with the ‘Need Help, Ask Me” t-shirts on. They were fielding tonnes of questions and covering a lot of territory in the process.

Whilst the stalls are only for a couple of days, Orientation week is still going. Make sure to check out the website for the other things happening this week, many of them social activities.

So keep enjoying yourselves, and I look forward to meeting more of you in the coming year!

Feel like sharing your orientation week experience? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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