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Every now and then I buy new underwear.

For that first couple of weeks afterwards, I walk around feeling pretty good about life.

I’d compare the feeling to that of getting a new website. How do I know that?

Well because we have a new website! You can access it at which is a much easier address to remember.

Ooooooh….AAAhhhhhhh……….Look at it in all its shiny new goodness!

We cut back on the content, so students could find the most relevant information quickly: namely the services we offer and how you access them.

Over time, we might reintroduce some of the best content from the old site, but we’ll be doing it very slowly and deliberately so as not to clog it up like the previous site.

One thing I am very excited about is that the latest content from the Student Health and Wellbeing Blog is now featured on the front page of the site. Look at it sitting there all nice and comfy like!

A big shout-out to Steph for making it happen and to Clare Pollock for pushing it ahead of schedule.

Please report any dead links or weird site behaviour. You can contact me directly ( There are always a few teething issues with a new site.

For keen observers, you might note that the photo of me that once resided on the HCDS website is now gone.

Here it is if you are having withdrawals.

Gareth Furber


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