Struggling with a gaming or gambling problem?


Biji and Brenda from Relationships Australia came and talked to the counselling team this morning.

They were letting us know about the various gambling and gaming treatment programs they have up and running –

These include:

  • Counselling, to address the gambling, as well as the other issues that may be playing a role (e.g. mental health, grief and loss)
  • Financial counselling to help individuals address the financial impacts of gambling (e.g. debt)
  • A multicultural service, specifically focused on those from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds
  • Lived experience services, where you can get support from those who have tackled gambling issues in their own life

Services are available to individuals, as well as their partners, friends and family members. For example, if you were worried about the gambling/gaming of someone in your family you could contact the service. Domestic and international students are both welcome.

The services are free of charge and you can self-refer, meaning you can contact them directly. You don’t need to come through our service first (although you are very welcome to).

Biji said that when you first present, they’ll conduct a fairly comprehensive assessment, which includes completing some questionnaires. That will give them a baseline of how you are doing, and then they’ll monitor your progress over the course of your involvement with them.

There are multiple office locations to visit including Adelaide City, Marion, Riverland, Salisbury, Port Adelaide and Gawler. I took a picture of their business card.

Finally, Biji and Brenda spoke of a Smart Recovery Group that will be starting up in May. Smart Recovery Groups are a free group program assisting people with any problematic behaviours, including addiction to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, food, shopping, Internet and others. The way the groups work, you can join them at any time. You can learn a bit more about the groups on this website – You can also enter your location and find the groups that are already up and running. I counted 9 groups already up and running.

This gambling service is just one of the many service available in the community that students can utilise. We try to keep track of them so we can refer you to them if necessary.

Take Care

Dr G

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