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Looking after your mental health doesn’t always need to involve traditional psychological strategies.

In fact, you draw on a range of activities to enhance your mental health.

Music is one such activity.

Take this quote from a 2011 article in the Harvard Review of Psychiatry

Neuroscientific studies have shown music to be an agent capable of influencing complex neurobiological processes in the brain and suggest that it can potentially play an important role in treatment. Clinical studies provide some evidence that music therapy can be used as an alternative therapy in treating depression, autism, schizophrenia, and dementia, as well as problems of agitation, anxiety, sleeplessness, and substance misuse, though whether it can actually replace other modes of treatment remains undetermined.

Let that sink in for a second. Music therapy might be an ‘alternative’ in treating some pretty serious mental health conditions.

Now I can’t say that I’d recommend that people abandon their existing mental health activities, but I would recommend adding some kind of music to your world.

With this in mind headspace @ Onkaparinga have just the thing for you.

An introductory level 8 week hand-drumming workshop which aims to teach you the basics skills of hitting a drum and playing with a team!

About this Event

Skills and prior knowledge? Not-compulsory

Everybody have fun tonight? Compulsory!

This is designed for young people 16-25 who are wanting to learn new skills and form group connections.

We supply the drums. All you need is yourself, and a desire to listen to music that may risk increasing your exposure to some serious funk.

The program will run for 8 weeks on Fridays at 4:30pm, starting on July 5th. You only need to book for week 1 on EventBrite to enrol.

Get in quick cause it kicks off on the 5th July.


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