An update on Mindful Yoga from Semester 1, 2019


Maureen who runs the Mindful Yoga program just sent me the attendance statistics for Semester 1, 2019. I’ve reproduced them below in a modestly capable infographic.

They’ve shown a nice little bump from 2018, reflecting Maureen’s hard work at refining the program, and the increased promotion we’ve been able to do for the program now that we have our blog and newsletter and FLO topic.

Popular also, have been the Mindful Yoga handouts that Maureen created that you can get in hardcopy here at HCDS, or digital copy on our online handouts page. We have one for ‘calm’, one ‘to energise’ and one for ‘restful sleep’.

As Maureen said “I am delighted with the engagement we have received to these classes this semester”.

Are you looking for a gentle introduction to Yoga and Mindfulness? Are you looking to develop body-and-mind based strategies for managing stress? If so I highly recommend you consider making Mindful Yoga Classes a staple during Semester 2. Tuesdays from 12.00pm to 1.00pm at OASIS. Classes for 2019, Semester 2, kick off again on the 30th July.

Contact to find out more.

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