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Hello you!

Did you know that we currently have 2394 students subscribed to our newsletter.

We started the newsletter in 2018 as a way of keeping students up-to-date with our programs, events and self-help articles.

For all of its history, the newsletter has been handcrafted. Each newsletter was custom built, drawing on content from multiple sources.

Whilst this made for some attractive newsletters, it was time consuming and often things were missed. We didn’t let students know about programs in a timely fashion.

Moving forwards, we are moving to an automated newsletter.

If you are subscribed, each week you’ll get an email from us with links to the most recent content added to the blog. If we haven’t added any content to the blog, you shouldn’t get an email.

As with any change of this sort, there might be some teething problems, so if you find something weird happening with the emails you get from us, let me know (gareth.furber@flinders.edu.au).

The new system kicks off (all things going well) on Wednesday 4th September.

Let me know what you think 🙂

Each newsletter should look like this:




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