Timely reminder from the Student Learning Centre


With the university moving to a predominantly online model, many of the services around the university are reminding students that they are still around, just working in a different way. 

Just got a reminder from the Student Learning Centre that they are still beavering away, helping students with their academic needs. 

Whilst my jam is mostly talking about wellbeing, one of the things I recommend students do for their wellbeing is hone their study skills. University is a lot more enjoyable when you are doing well at the study part. That is where groups like the Student Learning Centre come into their own. 

A reminder that you can access online academic support by using either the Online Learning Lounge and/or Studiosity.  Both services allow you to interact with a Learning Advisor.

Online Learning Lounge

The Online Learning Lounge enables you to make an appointment to interact with a learning advisor for:

  • assignment planning
  • writing
  • study skills
  • Maths
  • Endnote and 
  • referencing.

It can be accessed here:



All students can also access Studiosity for free online study help and writing feedback, 24/7. You can connect with a real person and ask a study question, or upload your draft writing and get constructive feedback, to help you improve your work.

To access your account, click on the Studiosity link on your FLO dashboard

More information here:


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