This Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook has some decent stuff in it


Louise, one of our intake team just shared a workbook that she came across called the “Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook“. One of our psychologists then got quite excited about it.

It is from the Wellness Society.

It contains a series of exercises and activities that you can use to manage some of the emotional experiences you might be having in relation to the current Coronavirus situation.

Some of those exercises resonate strongly with strategies I find have been working to manage my own anxiety:

  • consuming the right type of information on Coronavirus
  • focusing on the things within your control and letting go of the things that are not
  • healthy distractions
  • deliberately implementing wellbeing activities into everyday life

If you are looking for a good collection of strategies for managing the uncertainty that comes with the current situation, this might be it.

This is also probably a good workbook for those of you, who have struggled with anxiety in the past and have found it exacerbated by recent events. It is a good reminder to amp up the strategies you might have already learned about managing your anxiety.

Take care peeps.


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