A reminder about the wellbeing programs we have on Oasis Online


When the Coronavirus lockdown hit, a group of us started looking at what wellbeing-related programs we could get online.

In fact, the Coronavirus lockdown provided us with an opportunity to start a process we had wanted to start a while back.

You see, many of the wellbeing programs run out of Oasis  are run on the Bedford Park Campus. This is all fine and dandy for those that visit the campus regularly, but that isn’t all of the Flinders Community. We have students at Sturt, Tonsley, Northern Territory, international and completely online.

Getting our programs online wasn’t just useful during the lockdown period. It was something we owed all of our students across all locations.

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve made significant progress getting some of our programs online. They are all currently delivered through the Oasis Online FLO topic.

This post is a reminder of what is up currently, an invite to enrol in the FLO topic (where you will be notified of when different things are running) and maybe choose to attend one of our programs:

Discussion Forumjust a place to chat all things wellbeing and productivity

Wellbeing and Productivity Hacksa fortnightly 20-minute session exploring a different wellbeing or productivity hack each time. Every second Tuesday at 10.00am

Take a Breakcasual and informal group conversations guided by our Chaplains. Tuesday afternoons at 2pm

Studyologya 5-week online program that teaches you the psychological skills necessary to tackle procrastination and study avoidance

Midday MeditationJoin Chaplain Dave for a guided mindfulness meditation every Wednesday at 12.00pm

And there is more to come! We have mindful yoga resources in the making, a mental fitness coaching program, Mindfulness for Academic Success and more…

So enrol in the Oasis Online FLO topic and take advantage of our free wellbeing and productivity related programs. We’ll also keep you notified when new programs are added.

PS – tell your friends (or even your enemies for that matter!)


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