Welcome Lauren to the blog!


Lauren Riessen is a Disability Advisor with Health, Counselling and Disability Services.

She is also a delightful human being and an excellent writer, hence my happiness at welcoming her as the new member of the Blog writing team!

She has already kicked off with content, including her first post – a book reflection and some subsequent information posts on adaptive technology rooms, exam arrangements and a pathways beyond university program.

What is great about having Lauren on the blog is that she has a different writing voice to me (more playful and cheeky) and a strong passion for the material: assisting students with disability.

This means her posts will read and feel qualitatively different from mine. And they will fill a much needed gap on this blog, namely regular updates of direct relevance to students who are studying whilst also coping with significant physical or mental health issues.

I’ve been wanting more voices and variety on the blog for a while, so I can say I am genuinely excited to have her join the Blog team.

Lauren has posts planned for the remainder of the year: a mix of book reviews, promotions of programs and information for students with disability, and tackling some difficult topics in the disability space: ableism, disability in comedy, gender. And that is just her getting started!

Please join me in welcoming her to the blog!


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