Neuroscience podcast recommendation – Dr Andrew Huberman


YouTube must be getting to know me.

This guy, Dr Andrew Huberman who runs the Huberman Lab @ Stanford University, kept popping up in my recommendations feed.

I finally bit the bullet and watched him in an interview with Rich Roll.

Totally glad I did!

The guy has an excellent ability to explain fairly complex neuroscience ideas in a way that you can relate to your own life and experiences.

I think he is a great person for students to listen to because his examples of how the brain/mind operates regularly include things like learning, creating, focusing and working hard.

He explains well why the early stages of learning new content or sitting down to study often has an agitation vibe/quality to it.

He explains well why it can be neurochemically challenging to just drop into a high focus/ high flow state.

He explains well the conditions needed for neuroplasticity (learning) and why sleep and periods of rest and unfocused attention are so important.

If the above interview resonates with you, I then recommend moving to his dedicated YouTube channel (or you can get his podcast elsewhere as well).

He’s only really been creating content on there for a couple of months, but his series on optimising learning and creativity already has me hooked.

I should warn you that his content requires some commitment. Episodes are 60 minutes+ and he doesn’t shy away from traversing some mentally challenging territory.

But personal change and growth rarely comes from ‘get happy quick’ schemes and I think you’ll appreciate his efforts to translate neuroscience in a way that makes it feel accessible but still with depth.

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