270 students have ordered a Good Vibes Experiment Activity Book


I’ve been a little quiet on the Good Vibes Experiment front recently. But never fear, we’ll be reviving those discussions in the second semester.

This was just a quick note to let you know that 270 students (to-date) have ordered their Good Vibes Experiment Activity Book.

If you haven’t there is still the chance. Head over to our very professional looking Qualtrics survey page and enter your details. A swish copy will then arrive in the post like magic.

We still have stock of the first edition and (so I am told) a second edition is on the way as well 😲

To learn a bit more about the activity book, see this post I wrote a little while back.

Essentially the book is a light-hearted and fun way to introduce people to some of the evidence-based ways in which we can build and sustain good mental health.

If snail mail isn’t your thing and post boxes seem like a strange window into a long forgotten time, keep in mind that copies of the book are still floating around on the Bedford Park Campus. I’ve definitely seen some at Oasis and FUSA and I reckon counselling might have some too.

But those of you not on that campus can instead get one posted out📫 We have everyone covered!

If you’ve used the book at all and are willing to share your experiences, fire us an email (goodvibes@flinders.edu.au). We’d love to hear what you thought and use your feedback to build future editions (as well as other mental health focused campaigns.

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