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We think we provide an excellent range of services here at Health, Counselling and Disability Services. You can check out our Service Brochure for a full list.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some similarly excellent services in the local community that you can draw on in times of need.

In this blog post, I’ve linked to a document we’ve put together which lists some of the services that students have found most helpful out in the community. We are constantly adding to this list, so please let us know if you’ve had a good experience with a community health and welfare service, so we can add it to this list.

Whilst the health and welfare system can be difficult to navigate at times (services are scattered across multiple different providers), there are generally services available for most challenges we face. Hopefully our document and the other service catalogues will help you find what you need.

There are other good community services catalogues available online as well.

For example, there is the Affordable SA app developed by the Salvation Army – which lists organisations in the community that can help with accommodation, money/finances, transport, education, healthcare, food, legal, concessions, domestic violence, and wellbeing.

There is also the SA Directory of Community Services website – which keeps a track of services across a wide range of topics –

I also found this website called AskIzzy which is a constantly updated directory of community services across multiple areas such as housing, food, health, finances, legal etc

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