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If you’ve landed on this post, it means you either noticed it in the HCDS Newsletter, found our Good Vibes Experiment/ Be Well bookmark and clicked through the “Habits Introductory Session” QR code or followed a link from Oasis Online, another blog post or from an information session you attended.

First up, welcome! Regardless of how you got here, we are really glad you did click through.

The Good Vibes Experiment and Be Well Plan, whilst different programs do have a lot in common.

Both of them encourage you to experiment with adding mental health promoting activities to your everyday life.

If you want to learn more about this process, you are in the right place.

First up, consider our 3 part pre-recorded series on Building a Good Vibes Plan (below). That will get you started on key concepts and maybe even be enough to get you started making specific investments in your mental health. Videos and links below.

If you want to then continue that journey, sign up for a Be Well Plan session. Note, there are different versions of the Be Well Plan – a 5 x 2 hour version and a 1 x 6 hour version. Both cover similar territory. The 6hr version is obviously good for cramming it into a packed schedule. The 5 x 2 hour version is good for those that want to accrue the knowledge in a more relaxed way with time to contemplate and experiment with the ideas between sessions.

Once you’ve completed the main course, you can then attend some of the masterclasses which dig deep on particular psychological tools we think are central to building good mental health.

If you have questions about either, send em my way. Don’t be shy! –


Building a Good Vibes Plan

I suggest that you start here. In this video series, I talk about the Be Well Plan and Good Vibes Experiment projects and how we can combine them together (mix on low speed) to create a Good Vibes Plan. You also get to see my hair go from short, to very short!


Video 1 – I introduce the idea of a ‘Good Vibes Plan’, talk about Be Well and Good Vibes and show you my own Good Vibes Plan.

Links mentioned/referenced in the video –

Be Well Training –
Flinders Sports and Fitness –
Good Vibes Experiment –


Video 2 – I start guiding you through the process of developing your own Good Vibes Plan, focusing on the areas of mental health you want to improve, brainstorming activities that might help, and thinking about what strategies you will use to ensure you follow through with those activities.

Links mentioned/referenced in video –

Good Vibes Plan Worksheet –
Habit Hacks –
Greater Good In Action –
Sign up for Be Well Program –


Video 3 – I finish working through the Good Vibes Plan worksheet with a focus on attitudes/mindset, barriers and what to do if you are struggling to get started. I mention a few other resources if you want to continue this work further 🙂 – As you can see I also had a fairly significant haircut.




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