Made contact with the counselling service? – think about these programs as well

Overview: Students who make contact with the counselling service often benefit from doing one of our wellbeing focused programs. In this regularly updated post, we outline what wellbeing programs you can currently sign-up to and how to do so. Reading time ~ 3 minutes. 

The following therapeutic programs are currently taking registrations.


📃Be Well Plan

What is it? – A 5 x 2-hour program (or 1 x 6 hour) that teaches you how to develop your own mental health, wellbeing and resilience plan.

When is it running?

Option 1 ➡ 1 x 6 hour session on the 21st October, starting 9am in the Oasis Common Room (or Collaborate if restrictions are in place) (currently taking registrations)

How do I RSVP? –> email and indicate which one you’d like to attend

Mindfulness for Academic Success and Studyology do not have dates for the remainder of 2022. It is still worth contacting the coordinators though and registering your interest because additional dates may be announced if demand is there. Contact people can be found in the greyed out descriptions below.


🧘‍♀️Mindfulness for Academic Success

What is it? – A 5-session program teaching you to use mindfulness to reduce stress, improve focus, stop procrastinating, communicate better and study more efficiently.

When is it running? – Program starting Wednesday 27th July, for five consecutive weeks, from 9-10am in the Oasis Common Room

How do I RSVP?  email for an application form



What is it? – A 5-session group program designed to give you the psychological tools necessary to combat common study problems like procrastination, perfectionism, low motivation and study avoidance.

When is it running?

Option 1 – 5 x 1 hour sessions on Thursdays 6.30 to 7.30pm from the 4th August to 1st September – Online in Collaborate (taking registrations now)

How do I RSVP? – email and indicate which one you’d like to attend


A full list of our programs and events can be found here


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