Podcast episode recommendation: Positive Psychology with Scott Glassman 🎧

Overview: Consistent with my goal to share more of the interesting things I am watching and listening to, this post describes a podcast I listened to recently on the topic of positive psychology. The interviewed author is Scott Glassman and the podcast episode is 47 minutes long. Reading time ~ 2 minutes (listening time 47 minutes). 

Students at Flinders wanting to get a taste for positive psychology techniques and what role they might play in improving mental health, resilience and productivity are encouraged to sign up to do the evidence-based and free Be Well Plan program. This 5 x 2 hour interactive workshop program provides participants with a range of helpful psychological insights (understanding the quirks of the mind) and cool techniques to leverage or counter these quirks.

But the Be Well Plan isn’t the only place to learn more about positive psychology tools. This morning I listened to an interview with Scott Glassman, the author of ‘A Happier You‘ on the Evidence-based New Harbinger podcast. The interview was 47 minutes.

Scott provided an overview of a small range of techniques that constitute core positive psychology tools: mindfulness, gratitude, awe. I particularly liked his combination mindfulness/gratitude exercise which involved attending to one of the senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell), and finding within that sense stream an object for which one is grateful. For example, as I look out the window and see some of my plants, I am grateful for their winter flowers and the fact that I get to tend to my small garden.

If you’d like an intro to positive psychology tools for mental health and wellbeing, this interview is a good option. Clicking the image below will take you to the Anchorfm site where the podcast episode is hosted. You are also likely to find the ‘Evidence-based: A New Harbinger Psychology Podcast’ on your favourite podcast app.

If 47 minutes feels like too much time, remember the trick of running the episodes at 1.2-1.5 x speed.

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