Flinders Friends program open to new and existing students

Overview: We all got kinda used to hanging out in our rooms. But the world is opening up again and programs like Flinders Friends give students a chance to rebuild social networks. All in the service of welcoming our mid-year intake. Details in post. Reading time ~ 2 minutes.

One of the big initiatives launched for mid-year orientation is the Flinders Friends program.

The basic premise is simple. If, in the early days of starting uni, you can meet and get to know a few people (new and existing students) it makes the adjustment process easier and more enjoyable.

It means there are people you can ask questions, share victories, share setbacks, try new things with.

Even me (who can be notoriously anti-social) has to admit that the best days I had at uni were ones where a) I was learning cool stuff, AND b) I was hanging out with people I liked and admired.

But anyone who has been in the situation of needing to make new friends knows that it can be a little daunting.  We have to put ourselves out there a little bit, but can be a little tentative to do so.

That is where programs like Flinders Friends come in. It provides a specific context in which everyone involved has implicitly agreed that making friends is the primary goal. It takes some of the pressure off the process.

Flinders Friends kicks off on Thursday 28th July with a 2-hour meet and greet, followed by weekly meetups throughout August.

I contacted the orientation people and asked if existing students could join these. They said YES!

With all the social disruptions of COVID, they were keen to give all students the chance to revitalise their social network.

So whether you’ve just started with us, or are a Flinders stalwart with a desire for connection, consider the Flinders Friends program.

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