Additional health and support services for International Students

Medibank provides overseas health care cover to a number of international students. They’ve announced a couple of new health supports. One of them is available to international students even if they don’t have cover with Medibank. Details in post. Reading time ~ 3 minutes.

One of the challenges of getting support during difficult times, is knowing what services you can access.

International students here at Flinders have access to all the same services as domestic students do, with some additional ones.

A starting point for many international students is International Student Services. “ISS is the first point of contact for all onshore international students, including those who are studying online due to COVID-19-related travel restrictions, and offers a range of programs supporting your enrolment, study and social life, as well as referring students to services on campus and within the local community. ISS organises a general orientation program for new international students, day and weekend tours throughout the semester, social activities and information sessions.”

A second service that is popular with international students is Oasis. This ‘home away from home’ community centre is a regular hang-out place for international students.

However the purpose of this post was to inform international student readers of some additional health focused supports they can access. They are provided by Medibank, one of the primary providers of overseas health care cover (OSHC).

The first is available to all international students, regardless of whether they hold their cover with Medibank. All international students at Flinders can access the 24/7 Medibank Student Health and Support Line which includes health advice from a registered nurse as well as counselling. The phone number to access this support is 1800 887 283.  All students need to say is that they are an international student at Flinders. They do not require Medibank OSHC.

The second is available to students who do hold Medibank OSHC. Via the Medibank app, those students can access an online GP service. Whilst this should not replace the in-person GP support for students it could potentially be of use when we do not have any appointments available, for after hours appointments, and also for family appointments. This will cost you $10.

Students who are with Medibank should also be aware that a Medibank consultant is on-campus (Bedford Park) a couple of days each week. More details at this post.

Thanks to Medibank for helping expand the range of support options for international students.

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