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Medibank are upping their game when it comes to health promotion. In this post are a range of links to health promotion resources relevant to Medibank customers, international students and a few links relevant to everyone. Reading time ~ 4 minutes.

Medibank are one of the primary insurers providing overseas health care cover (OSHC) for international students.

I’ve noticed in recent months they’ve been producing (or perhaps promoting) more health and mental health related content. You can actually view past mentions of Medibank here on the blog via this link.

I thought I’d reproduce some of their recent content below. There is stuff on OSHC, relieving stress, sources of legal help for international students, eating well, resources on their app and details of a podcast on loneliness.

Whilst likely of primary interest to international students (particularly those using Medibank as an insurer), some of the content (e.g. relieving stress and eating well) is relevant to all.

Enjoy! And I’ll keep posting content as they send it through.

OSHC Videos on YouTube

Why Medibank OSHC?

Find out how Medibank and Medibank OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) could support your health and wellbeing while in Australia.

Understand the Australian Health System & OSHC

What you need to know about the Australian healthcare system. We’ve put together a guide to the Australian healthcare system, so you’ll know how to get help should you or your family need it while you’re here and how Medibank could help.

Medibank OSHC FAQs

How to activate your OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) membership?  How to find a Direct Healthcare Provider with the Medibank OSHC app?

How to make a claim? Find out how you could get started with the Medibank OSHC app!


5 ways to relieve stress today

Feeling overwhelmed? Calm and recharge yourself with these positive stress-reducing techniques.                                                            

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Where to go for legal help as an international student

Did you know that international students are protected by Australian law? Below are some useful resources* that will help you understand your entitlements.

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How to eat well on a budget

When you’re juggling study and work commitments, maintaining a healthy diet can be challenging. Doing it on a student budget, stuck at home, in the midst of a global pandemic…well, you might be wondering where to start! Check out these nine helpful tips to help you eat well on a budget.

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Student Rewards Plus Program Update

Find out more about the Student Rewards Plus Program on the OSHC App, what are current best deals are for students on the app as well as the job board listings and popular articles.

Spotlight on Vestina: Our on-campus support

We chat to Vestina about what her role at Medibank is, her first impressions and experiences at Medibank.  We also get Vestina’s health & wellbeing tip, as well as her take on the new Student Rewards on the OSHC App.


We Are Lonely Podcast

We’re here to shine a spotlight on loneliness; to help better understand it. So let’s start talking. Empowered by Medibank, the We Are Lonely podcast series seeks to demystify loneliness through the eyes, ears and voice of celebrated artists.  Available to listen on Apple Music and Spotify, Amazon Music and iHeart.

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