Yes, in this case, I am suggesting you use social media

Instagram or Facebook user? Oasis has a presence on both platforms and are using them to alert students to the wide range of wellbeing things happening in the busy month of September. Reading time ~ 1 minute.

Things are about to liven up on campus here at Flinders as Wellbeing and Skills Weeks, RUOK Day and the Student Wellbeing Survey 2022 all kick off next week (5th September).

Oasis is one of the primary groups at Flinders responsible for organising and running events during this time.

Oasis is very active on social media – Facebook and Instagram specifically. I admire them for it, as only my Twitter account survived my social media purge.

So if you are on either of these platforms, might I recommend you follow them?



Even though I work primarily from home, I have seen, when I visit campuses for teaching, that the campuses are coming alive again as people return to the physical world.

As people return to campuses, it means more in-person events are run. And these events create a great vibe and energy on campus.

Following Oasis on social media will help you stay alert to what is happening and what is coming up. As you’ve probably experienced, it can be hard staying up-to-date with everything that is happening at a big university like Flinders. So in this case, yes, I am suggesting you spend a little extra time scrolling social media.

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