Flinders Student Wellbeing Survey is live!

The Flinders Student Wellbeing Survey is the first time we’ve done a university-wide student wellbeing survey. The results will help us plan our wellbeing strategy for the coming years. You might also learn something about yourself in the process. Do it now! More details in post. Reading time ~ 2 minutes. 

The Flinders Student Wellbeing Survey is running from the 5th to the 23rd September.

I strongly encourage you (if you are a Flinders student of course) to take part.

Not only will you get access to an individualised report on your wellbeing, the anonymised results of the survey will be used to develop our university-wide wellbeing plan for 2023 and beyond.

You can read in detail about the survey here.

You can access the survey here. It works equally well on laptops, desktops or mobile devices.

When completing the survey you have two choices:

  • create an account and complete the survey or
  • complete as a guest

I recommend the ‘create an account’ option as it means you will be able to access your report at any time, and also easily do follow-up surveys in the future. I’ve had an account with Be Well for a couple of years now and I use it regularly to measure my wellbeing and reflect on where I am at with my life.

However, if that isn’t your jam, the ‘guest’ option works nicely. The only thing to know about the guest option is that the report you receive at the end will not be saved, so you might need to take some screenshots as you peruse it, if you want to look at it later.

If you complete the survey and feel like promoting to your friends, feel free to right click the image below, save it, then post it to any social media accounts you have.

Oh yeah, and the prize packs which include wellbeing products and vouchers are on their way.

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