Why humans are surprisingly bad at being happy

I enjoyed this video, so I am sharing it. It is about happiness. May it contribute to yours.

“Sometimes, it’s really hard to be happy. And there’s a reason for that: the human brain isn’t hard-wired for happiness — happiness isn’t essential for survival. And to make matters worse, our minds can deceive us when it comes to happiness, leading us to chase things that won’t make us happy in the long run.

To solve for this, Yale psychology professor Laurie Santos recommends a set of practices, dubbed “re-wirements.” These practices include prioritizing social connection, being other-oriented, focusing on gratitude and blessings, and incorporating exercise into our daily routine.

By understanding the common pitfalls of our thinking and adopting new behaviors, we can achieve true happiness, and make it last. For Santos, happiness isn’t just a state: it’s an ongoing practice.”

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