Help shape the future of social apps for men: participate in the Crewmen survey!

Guy Thompson, the creator of the Crewmen app aiming to combat social isolation among men, is running a survey to gather insights on men’s social interaction preferences and improve the app’s ability to build diverse networks of mates.

A couple of weeks back I featured an app called Crewmen built by Guy Thompson which is aiming to address social isolation among men through real-world interactions, callouts, volunteering opportunities, and curated resources.

Guy contacted me to let me know he is currently running a survey to get a sense of men’s social interaction preferences and how an app like Crewmen might help men to build a diverse network of mates.

Here is what he sent me. If Guy’s mission resonates with you, consider taking a few minutes to answer his survey and help him build better social apps for me.

There is a huge need to connect men around Australia. To keep them thinking positively and feeling supported and connected. But is an App like Crewmen the way to go?

Help us to support the health and wellbeing of men by taking the time to complete this short survey from Crewmen. 

Your valuable feedback will help Crewmen connect and support men in Australia. 


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