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One of the most common requests that counsellors get is for extensions on assignments. But this is a misunderstanding of how extension requests work. So in this FAQ, I explore what the process is for getting (or at least requesting) an extension. 

A really common question we get here at HCDS relates to extension requests. Students often think it is counselling services that can approve or endorse extension requests, but this isn’t really the case.  

If you just need a short extension of up to 3 days, you can generally receive this without any supporting documentation (i.e. you don’t need a letter from your doctor or similar). You simply write to your topic coordinator (email) and for most topics submit a request via the Extension Requests section in FLO: https://canvas.flinders.edu.au/courses/282/pages/submitting-an-extension-request and https://canvas.flinders.edu.au/courses/282/pages/modifying-an-extension-request. “Requests for extensions must be made prior to the due date for submission unless a sound explanation for the delay in requesting the extension is provided”. 

If you need an extension for longer than three days, you will need to provide supporting documentation (e.g. medical certificate, letter from child’s school, work roster). If you’ve not seen a counsellor or intake/duty worker before, we won’t be able to provide that documentation. You will need to get that documentation from someone that knows you and the situation you are in (e.g. a treating medical professional).  

If you have been seeing a counsellor or intake/duty worker on a regular basis, then that person can speak to you about your request, but keep in mind that we will still usually direct you to make contact with the topic coordinator first, in writing (i.e. email) and via the Extension Requests section in FLO They are the one that approves the request, not us. 

If you’ve already had an extension but still need more time, you will definitely need supporting documentation and will need to email your topic coordinator with that supporting documentation.   

Details about extension requests (along with other assessment variation procedures can be found in the formal policy document – https://www.flinders.edu.au/content/dam/documents/staff/policies/academic-students/assessment-variation-procedures.pdf . It might appear a little intimidating at first, but within this document are the rules about what is and is not acceptable in terms of assignment extensions. Familiarising yourself with these rules is important in helping you know what procedures to follow in order to request and receive an extension. 

My usual reaction to policy documents. Still, it is worth reading them.
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