As Orientation approaches Oasis unveils its roster of activities

Oasis is the Student Wellbeing Centre on the Bedford Park Campus. Over the academic year, they’re responsible for all manner of wellbeing-focused events. With Orientation just around the corner, I got hold of their activity timetable and I’m sharing it with you. Now granted the timetable is primarily for new students (hi there!), but there is plenty happening that existing students can partake in as well.

Week 1 of orientation – 19th to 23 Feb

Highlights include my writing workshop (sorry, shameless self-promotion), mindfulness for academic success sessions, Flinders Market, ‘Come ‘N Try’ sessions (meditations and forest walks) and the International Welcome Event. Can’t read the table below. Try downloading the pdf.

Week 2 of orientation – 26th Feb to 1st March

Highlights include Flinders Mates sessions in the Plaza, Flinders Market and Conversation Groups. Can’t read the table? Grab the pdf.

If you are a new student, visit the Orientation Planner and browse all available sessions and book yourself into the ones that take your fancy.

If you are an existing student, visit the Oasis Centre during the day and see what is happening that you can get involved in.

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