Writing for Wellbeing 2024 Workshop with Grace (SLSS) and Gareth (HCDS)

Do your 2024 self a favour and sign-up for our Writing for Wellbeing Workshop taking place during Orientation week (20th Feb)

2023 is in the bag and it is all about 2024. Hello 2024, nice to meet you!

Last year I spent some time re-familiarising myself with some of the literature on writing and wellbeing. I put what I learned into a PowerPoint presentation (because that is how us academic types roll) and roughly hewed a workshop from intellectual timber to go along with it.

I also roped in a Creative Writing colleague (Grace from Student Learning Support Services) to help me deliver it.

But unfortunately, 2023 got away from us and we didn’t get to present that workshop (although we did get to run a couple of very enjoyable writing challenges on campus).

Not to be discouraged, we sat in deep reflection over the holiday break, traversed the awe-inspiring wilderness that is our minds, and decided to deliver the workshop early in 2024 to get the momentum going.

The workshop is booked for the 20th of February from 2.30 to 3.30, face-to-face at the Oasis Common Room at Bedford Park.

The workshop is being run as part of Orientation, but existing/ongoing students are welcome also. We’re actually totally happy if staff want to attend as well. 

To book a place, just visit our Eventbrite listing.

But you haven’t even described what the workshop involves?

Ok, good point.

Here is a little blurb about the workshop that I wrote.

“University study involves a fair bit of writing. That is the case even if your chosen degree is more hands-on.

We (Gareth, Grace) both know what this is like, having done degrees that included a lot of it (psychology, creative writing).

When you are writing primarily for learning or assessment purposes, the joy and value of writing can take a hit.

But there is a wonderful literature on the use of writing for improving our mental health and wellbeing.

In this 1-hour interactive workshop in the Common Room at the Oasis Community Centre, we’ll introduce you to some of the research on writing for wellbeing and some simple exercises you can try for yourself.”

As you ready yourself for 2024, consider signing up for our Writing for Wellbeing Workshop in 2024. Let your friends know.

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