I've got a friend.....

  I’ve got a friend. He’s with me pretty much most of the time. He even sleeps with me. For the most part he is very […]

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Ok yes, that is a shameless plug, but let me explain. I’m assuming that if you read this blog regularly, you are interested in health and […]

The causes of depression

  Because I tend to read a lot of wellbeing related articles, I tend to get sent a lot of wellbeing related articles (now that Google […]

9 ways to approach today

If you’ve read my stuff before you know that I am a big fan of the School of Life. Not so much their products, but definitely […]

Welcome to 2018!

  Hi everybody – Happy New Year! Apologies up-front for the frightening photo and unpredictable hair. I’m back at the helm of the Student Health and […]