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School of Life


You watch YouTube right?

Me too.

My subscription list is made up of mostly of tech and guitar channels.

Despite my job and background (psychology), I subscribe to very few psychology-related or mental health related channels. Mostly, because I have not found many that are very good.

The School of Life however is a strong recommendation. This YouTube channel combines content from psychology, philosophy and modern culture, addressing the kinds of questions that frankly we ask ourselves everyday, but have probably never been formally taught the answer (or potential answers). Any of these questions or challenges sound familiar?

Why is work so boring?

How to be a man

Can lying ever be kind?

How to get over someone

Why we eat too much

Honestly, if there is nothing in their vast collection of videos that captures your attention, then I am afraid you might actually be dead.

The School of Life was started by modern philosopher/author Alain de Botton who sensed that “schools forget to teach you so much of the stuff we need to get by in this world”.

In addition to the YouTube channel, The School of Life has chapters all around the world (including Sydney and Melbourne) and runs all sorts of events and classes. You can get them to run workshops for your business; you can get your own personal bibliotherapist (they help you find good books); and you can buy kitschy “self development” gifts from their giftshop. They also have an app that “helps you track down people with whom to have deeper, more meaningful connections” (no swiping required).

But for me, its their videos that hit the spot. Also the corresponding “Book of Life” site looks pretty sweet.

Let me know if you also find them useful.

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