Use greyhounds to reduce exam stress


I once saw a psychologist who had a ‘therapy dog’.

The purpose of the dog, as far as I could gather, was to provide an alternative avenue for emotional expression. Supposedly, some people find it easier to interact with a dog, than to lie on a couch and tell their life story.

Unfortunately, that particular therapy dog just glared at me for half of the session and then fell asleep.

Given that I was seeking therapy for an overwhelming sense of ‘people glaring at me and then falling asleep’, I naturally found it a bit hard to deal with.

But my experience is not the norm.

Animal-assisted therapy is a genuine thing, and associated with measurable improvements in individuals with autism-spectrum symptoms, medical difficulties, behavioral problems, and poor emotional well-being.

Although not formally assessed, when the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAPS SA) people brought greyhounds to the mid-year exams this year, students loved it. It was a great release of tension during a period of time that has most students feeling pretty anxious.

The good news is they are returning for end-of-year exams as well.

See the advert below.

Note: the particular dog featured in the picture who has a PhD and unnerving ability to use a stethoscope will not be in attendance.

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