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Flinders University has some of world’s leading sleep researchers.

You can identify them by the funny glasses they wear, and the strange rings adorning their fingers.

So if you struggle with sleep, then you are kinda in the right place (at least in terms of fashion!).

Although not advertised on the Flinders site, there is a Flinders Insomnia Clinic for adults.

Neralie Cain from the service forwarded me this information:


“The Flinders Insomnia Clinic is run by the same experienced team who have operated the Child & Adolescent Sleep Clinic on campus for many years.

Our current team of psychologists include A/Prof Michael Gradisar (clinic director), Prof Leon Lack, Neralie Cain, and Chelsea Reynolds.

We provide assessment and treatment services for individuals of any age who are experiencing insomnia or circadian rhythm sleep disorders (for example, difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, difficulty waking up in time for morning classes or work commitments, etc).

Our treatment approaches are based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia, which is the treatment of choice for insomnia and has a strong empirical evidence base.

Anyone interested in attending the clinic will first need to obtain a GP mental health care plan (which can be obtained from a GP at Health, Counselling and Disability Services if appropriate).

There is an initial gap of $300 payable at the first appointment (note: a reduced fee is available for university staff, students, and anyone with a health care card – contact us for more information) and all subsequent appointments are bulk-billed direct to Medicare.

For more information contact us at casc.enquiries@flinders.edu.au or 8201 7587 (please leave a message).”

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