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Headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation and provider of mental health services to young people aged 12-25 is looking for volunteers in Adelaide as part of the Youth Ambassador Program.

I’ve reproduced the text of the invitation below. Click here to read the information on their site, as well put in an application.


Shortlisted applicants must be available on either Monday January 7 or Tuesday January 8 for group and individual interviews (around one hour).
Successful applicants must be available on Wednesday January 23 for orientation and training (full day).

Welcome to the Talkin’ About Your headspace Youth Ambassador (TAYhYA) Application form.

Please allow around 15-30 minutes to complete this form.

We are currently looking for young people (aged between 18 and 25) to join headspace Adelaide TAYhYA.

TAYhYA is a unique peer based program. Our volunteers attend secondary schools and sports clubs to facilitate interactive mental health workshops. These workshops aim to increase capacity of young people, who gain awareness and knowledge of mental illness, services available, how to support a friend going through a tough time, and how to reduce the stigma around mental health.

From January 2019 as a pilot project, the Ambassador program will be expanded to include in-house orientation sessions with new young people who are referred to headspace Adelaide for counselling. The orientation sessions are non-clinical, Ambassadors will welcome clients to the service by providing an overview of what to expect at headspace, a tour of the centre and provide helpful tips and resources to use in between appointments. There will also be opportunity to co-facilitate in-house group workshops such as dogspace and homework club.

Other opportunities include supporting the headspace Adelaide at events, may be offered.

Individual and group supervision, plus training opportunities will be provided to assist with volunteer career learning and development. Ongoing peer mentoring with existing members and headspace staff members will be provided throughout your time as an Ambassador.

The aims of the TAYhYA are to:

– Reduce stigma surrounding mental health
– To engage and welcome young people into the centre
– To provide an overview of what to expect at headspace Adelaide
– Encourage early help seeking
– Improve mental health literacy
– Improve the knowledge of where to access youth specific information and resources of services headspace offer to young people, parents and carers
– Promote early recognition of mental health issues among teachers, parents, family, friends, carers and the broader community.
– Create a conversation locally
– Strengthen the headspace brand

What we are looking for:

– All members must be aged between 18 and 25 years at the time of application
– Be willing to volunteer around -/+ 5 hours a week, set on a roster and as needed for workshops
– Have interest in the well-being of young people and act as advocates
– Have the ability to work in a team and independently
– Have the ability to communicate effectively in groups of 3 to deliver workshops to schools and sports clubs
– Have the ability to work with new young people referred to the centre and provide orientation sessions (providing orientation sessions at the centre during the pilot period is option. Applicants only wishing to facilitate workshops will be accepted)
– Be willing to co-facilitate in-house group workshops, such as dogspace and homework club
– Be motivated, willing and committed to participating regularly for the one year term
– Have the ability to maintain a balance of other responsibilities with the demands of this position
– Have easy and regular access to the internet and phone

What else you need to know:

– Membership is initially for one year
– Meetings are held on the the second Wednesday each month, 5:30pm til 7pm at headspace Adelaide
– Members will be offered training, such as as the Youth Advocates For Change Program (offered online), which has been developed by headspace National Office
– Members will also be provided Youth Mental Health First Aid Training.

All unsuccessful applications will be destroyed in line with the Privacy Act.



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