An Introduction To Mental Fitness and Self-improvement


Update 1/9/20 – I have the slides ready for my Introduction To Mental Fitness Workshop. I have attached them to this post (see below). Workshops have started. Enrol at Oasis Online for more information. 

Update 27/7/20 – check out this post I recently put up on the basics of building mental fitness. I now have a model and acronym (RIPPED) to describe the process.

Update 9/7/20 – so I hit a roadblock in terms of finishing my workbook chapters (competing priorities) but I am working on a 2-hour mental fitness workshop which should be ready quite soon. I’ll be delivering it through Oasis Online – a FLO topic you can join to access online versions of a number of the Health, Counselling and Disability and Oasis wellbeing programs. 

Update 11/03/20 – 7 Chapters of the new mental fitness workbook are now up. Send me red bull so I can get the rest of them written. 

I first mentioned ‘mental fitness’ back on this blog in April 2018. I went on to write a couple of posts about my burgeoning understanding of the concept: domains of mental fitness, mental fitness techniques etc.

In August 2018, I then announced that we were developing a Mental Fitness Course.

Late in 2018, I was working furiously in the background writing mental fitness lessons which I had intended on presenting as more standard lectures or audio recordings. The goal was to get these lessons out during orientation week 2019.

The main problem though was that my ideas about mental fitness were constantly evolving. I was digesting the information on the fly and sharing it with you as I went. Recording lectures seemed a bit silly because I’d have to re-record them a week later having thought about the topic more in the intervening period.

Instead I released my initial thoughts on Mental Fitness as a series of lessons/blog posts. I released 18 in total. They are indexed below.

With that initial process completed, I turned my hand to a new Mental Fitness project. The goal was to create a Mental Fitness Workbook – a more detailed description of mental fitness and how to build it that students could work through in their own time. I got 7 chapters into that process (see below) before realising I still had some work to do on clarifying how to teach the core mental fitness building process.

So I developed a workshop, the slides are below. I’ll spend some time delivering that workshop in 2020 and early 2021 and experience what it is like to teach ‘mental fitness’ and use that experience to then return to and finish the Mental Fitness Workbook.

This mental fitness journey has been a strange one indeed 🙂


Mental Fitness Workshop

In August 2020, I put the finishing touches to a workshop on Mental Fitness which will be delivered via Oasis Online. You can access V2 of the Slides here.

You’ll see a significant shift in content and language from the original lessons to this workshop, reflecting the long time I’ve spent trying to articulate these ideas better.

Delivering the workshops is the next step and I can use those experiences to return to writing the Workbook.

Workshops have been announced. Enrol in Oasis Online to get dates and times.


Mental Fitness Workbook

So we have a new graphic for the Mental Fitness Workbook! It is yet another fairly ordinary attempt on my part to do some graphic design via Canva.

Published content is outlined below:

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – What is mental fitness? Self-improvement as a type of mental fitness training

Chapter 3 – Is this workbook evidence-based?

Chapter 4 – The 7P’s of Self Improvement

Chapter 5 – Purpose

Chapter 6 – Psychological and Physical Capacities

Chapter 7 – Principles of self-improvement


To stay up-to-date with new chapters as they are released, subscribe to our blog. You’ll get updates on the Mental Fitness Workbook as well as lots of articles on wellbeing and productivity, notification of wellbeing related events, and news about other programs we are running.


Original Lessons (March to September 2019)

Lesson 1 – A welcome to the course

Lesson 2 – Self-improvement and why we should pursue it deliberately

Lesson 3 – Self-improvement – why pursue it all? – lessons from trying to do more physical activity

Lesson 4 – Identity, values and self-improvement

Lesson 5 – Psychological needs and self-improvement

Lesson 6 – Why the world needs you to self-improve

Lesson 7 – What is mental fitness?

Lesson 8 – Components of mental fitness

Lesson 9 – Examples of mental fitness in everyday life

Lesson 10 – Let’s start building mental fitness – acquiring knowledge

Lesson 11 – From knowledge to goals

Lesson 12 – From knowledge to skills

Lesson 13 – Self-experimentation

Lesson 14 – Habits

Lesson 15 – Let’s summarise. You could start with this lesson if you wanted as it is a concise summary of the previous lessons.

Lesson 16 – Lets practice building mental fitness

Lesson 17 – Building mental fitness update

Lesson 18 – The end, or is it?


I have also produced an “Introduction to Mental Fitness handout” that covers a lot of the core content. Not bad if you want to read the basics in one go. Some of the concepts have advanced a little since this handout was developed, but the basic ideas are still there. I’ll update it soon hopefully 🙂


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