You can now give us feedback about your counselling appointment


Here at the Health, Counselling and Disability Service, we conduct almost 6000 counselling sessions a year.

But until just recently, we didn’t have a good process by which students could give us feedback about whether they found those sessions useful or not.

Launched today, there is now a Counselling Service Feedback Form on the counselling website.

You can either visit this address directly –

Or go to the counselling page and click the ‘counselling services feedback form’ button.

The form contains 8 questions that ask you to rate the counselling service you received.

You can complete it anonymously or you can include your contact details if you’d like someone for the service to contact you back.

If you’ve had an experience of the counselling service, we encourage you to go online and rate the service you received. Feedback from students is one of the key ways that we can improve the service over time.

Note: this feedback form is only for counselling services at this point in time, not the GP or Disability Advisor services. Feedback about other aspects of the service should be directed to the Director of Student Services


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